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The Catering Manager's role is to build a successful catering business in our restaurants. Catering Managers have sales goals that are determined by Aggressive Developments that they achieve through local marketing and our internal Catering processes and procedures. 

Marketing and order execution are the top priorities of the Catering Manager. Catering Managers: 

  • Reaches out to a minimum of three potential clients per day. 
  • Performs cold calls and call backs daily. 
  • Consistently prioritizes and prepares for daily and weekly business. 
  • Communicates daily with store management teams on catering needs. 
  • Submits weekly reports to Catering Director that cover sales, marketing best practices and any concerns or issues. 
  • Communicates with Catering Director regularly via scheduled calls and as needed conversations. 
  • Performs store visits with the Catering Director once a period. 
  • Works with the Community Engagement Manager and the Director of Catering for marketing and events. 
  • Works with the General Manager and Director of Catering in the hiring process for a Catering Assistant when needed. 

The Catering Manager may assist with restaurant operations IF they are in the restaurant and available between 11am and 1pm. This assistance should be FOH so that they can interact with guests and discuss catering opportunities.