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Title: Assistant Manager Status: Exempt – Salaried  

Reports to: General Manager/District Manager Supervision of: Hourly Associates  

Number of Hours Per Week: 55 plus hours work week; typically, 10-11-hour shifts; must be able to work any day of  the week, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday; two (2) days off per week with no guarantee that they will be  consecutive. Hours of work, shifts and days worked per week may change periodically due to the operational needs.  

Description: Assistant Managers should have the emphasis on building sales, managing inventory, customer relations  and personnel/hourly team member management. Assistant Managers should display the knowledge in the use of all  restaurant equipment, as well as be able to handle all management, technical and training aspects of both the Front of  House and Back of House. Certification of McAlister’s Management Training Program with completion in all areas with a  score of 100%.  


Manages Restaurant Environment – 

• Ensures friendly service according to all company guidelines. Ensures 100% guest satisfaction at all times.  • Ensures immediate response and correction of all verbal guest complaints on self and staff.  • Ensures 100% Guest visits in the dining room  

• Ensures product preparation and presentation meeting McAlister’s standards  

• Actively participates in the community to increase sales and awareness to the McAlister’s Brand  • Creates a culture within the hourly team members that promotes Emaar Group and McAlister’s Deli  • Effectively assists scheduling of all Team Members to meet staffing guidelines and sales needs • Maintains effective safety and security standards set forth by Emaar group, McAlister’s, city and state  • Promotes and manages restaurant organization, cleanliness and organization based on McAlister’s guidelines  • Immediately corrects standards and or equipment that are not to McAlister’s guidelines • Daily communication with Management Team via Manager log and shift change meetings  

Manages Team Members Daily Performance - 

• Ensures quality recruitment and hiring of team members 

• Adheres to and promotes the McAlister’s training program  

• Promotes and maintain Deli Experts for the restaurant – Proper staffing determined with GM and DM  • Maintains the McAlister’s staffing requirements set forth from District Manager  

• Develops an environment to encourage growth and development from within for all team members  • Weekly Interviews conducted to ensure that the teams are growing and opportunity for development  • Ensures acceptable performance by all team members that follows Emaar Handbook and McAlister’s standards  • Proper accountability and documentation process followed with all team members that are not meeting the  guidelines set forth in the Emaar Group Handbook and McAlister’s brand 

o Ensure all documentation is reviewed with GM and DM before delivering  

• Attends weekly manager meetings 

o Results and Goals are reviewed and AM assigned to Area of Responsibility  

• Promotes McAlister’s through social media communication set by Emaar Group 

• Ensures compliance with all city, state, Emaar Group and McAlister’s expectations. 

• Ensures timely one-on-one feedback for all team members through McAlister’s Coaching form. o Coaching form must be used for all conversations 

Maintains Controls and Finical Responsibility – 

• Clear catering focus based on McAlister’s Deli Catering program with focus on building and obtaining new guest  weekly 

• Maintains controls and assets of the company 

• Assures the compliance with city, state and federal laws  

• Manages all service contacts that are routine or preventative maintenance  

o To be approved through GM and DM  

• Ensures that the team is meeting or exceeding daily operating sales goals  

• Analyze and clear Goals set forth with GM/DM for any short falls  

• Assists with weekly inventory controls and ordering  


• Serves as a Role Model for all team members  

• Develops Goals and action plans for personal/professional growth  

• Perform duties which require bending and reaching  

• Lift and transport up to 25-pound containers, dish racks, and trash cans.  

• Stand and/or walk for up to 8+ hours 

• Practice/Coach all safety and sanitation standards, including (but not limited to) using a step stool to reach items  above eye level, safely using all cleaning equipment and chemicals.  

• Complete all assigned tasks in a timely manner as directed by General Manager/District  Manager/Owners/McAlister’s 

• Maintain a well-groomed appearance and follow uniform standards 

• Remain calm in a (sometimes) fast-paced atmosphere 

• Demonstrate a high level of organization, attention to detail and sense of urgency. 

• Display a positive and outwardly friendly attitude towards all guest. Live the McAlister’s Touch • Obtain a State approved Serve Safe License – Must be maintained per State Mandates