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 Functions as person in charge of the Auntie Anne's store in the absence of, or as directed by, the Manager or Assistant Manager, for the duration of the assigned shift.



 Depending upon shift assignment and staffing levels, may be required to:


  • Perform any or all of the essential duties required of Crew Members (see Crew Member Job Description).
  • Direct and coordinate the activities of Crew Members; coordinate breaks.
  • In event of call-offs, no-shows, etc., contact Manager or Assistant Manager; as directed, contact and secure replacements.
  • Monitor for product quality and adherence to proper operating procedures; correct as needed.
  • Monitor customer service and relations; correct as needed.
  • Address, respond to, and resolve customer needs, questions, complaints, etc., as required.
  • Assure that all opening and/or closing procedures are performed, including all daily and scheduled, periodic (weekly, monthly, etc.) maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • Responsible for store funds during shift. Access safe to issue and replace shift drawers and for change.
  • Accurately run register reports and related functions in accordance with Cash Register Procedures, Cash Opening/Closing Procedures, and Cash Handling Policies.
  • Receive, check in, and supervise storage of all food items and supplies; transmit related paperwork to Manager.
  • Assist in the taking of the monthly physical inventory.
  • If directed by Manager or Assistant Manager, conduct and/or supervise training of new employees.
  • If directed by Manager or Assistant Manager, evaluate the performance of Crew Members.
  • Comply with all Auntie Anne's policies and procedures, including relevant federal and state regulations, e.g., safety and environmental standards, OSHA, EPA, Right-to-Know, EEO, ADA,
  • Perform all of the essential duties of this position in a safe and effective manner, consistent with the prescribed method and guidelines established by Auntie Anne's, LLC.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Manager or Assistant Manager.



In the absence of, or as directed by the Manager or Assistant Manager, the Shift Manager is responsible for the supervision of all Crew Members for the duration of the shift.



 In addition to the personal traits required of all Auntie Anne's employees (positive, teachable, outgoing), must display skills or ability to develop skills in leadership, communication, interpersonal relations, and organization. Must possess basic math skills and the ability to operate a calculator, plus be attentive to detail. Must have dependable transportation and be able to be readily contacted by phone. Must be 18 years of age.



 Must be able to perform the tasks outlined above ("Essential Duties"); must be able to stand for long periods, work with agility, and occasionally work long hours; must be able to see, hear, and speak (for communication and safety); must be able to test products by taste, color, and smell; must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.